Leine (shadowfire13) wrote in nightdaydreamer,

Poetic silliness

It's a foot
Just a foot.
Nothing unnatural, nothing alarming
Just a vague peanut shape, five toes
Bare, unpainted, arched delicately against the spring wind
Sticking out from under the hedge in the lawn, heel propped on the 
On top of a pair of black flip flops.
The ankle is delicate, almost feminine
The skin pink, rubbed into red by the sun and the low scratchy branches.
You almost tripped me you asshole!
You can hear someone snap as they trip over the offending body part
The disembodied  ankle attatched to the unattatched foot.
But you don't snap
Though you could. After all this foot did ruin your afternoon
Pulled you away from your life and your work, just so you could watch
The high dancer arch and the way the heel rounds neatly to a
slender, regal ankle.
Then again, it doesn't seem altogether as femenine as it looks
Devil-May-Care toes, wriggling
the way your uncle's did last christmas
when he played soccer in the snow
legs bare, hair picking up melted ice
when he had a little too much cider
and told a ghost story
before passing out
on your overstuffed couch.
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