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Normally, I am not one for poetry. I can deal with reading it, most of the time, at least the masters, but I don't write it, because I suck. (Unless, of course, I am purposefully writing it to be... well, disturbing, which has happened at least once.) This time, however, I think it was worth keeping... a relative first. Plus, this community gets almost no posts anyway, so why not.

Shadow Rising


Hallowed bells, I hear you chime

Again the knell of death and sorrow

Why do you cry for me and mine?

What have I done to fear the morrow?


Shadows creep these hallowed halls

Filled with dark and twisted light

Hear again the bell that calls-

Hark, and fear the falling night.


Here, inside, the shadow dwells

Naught but the absence of the light

Easier by far, to heed the bells

Then keep the torches burning bright


Memories spring to me unbidden

Brought by the tolling of the bell

Of memories once and always hidden

Those feelings in my heart did dwell


Now the flames are gone to embers,

Memories lost and with them light

When darkness comes, no one remembers

Feel, descending, the shadow’s blight.

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