...but it's pronounced Throatwarbler Mangrove (sputnik4547) wrote in nightdaydreamer,
...but it's pronounced Throatwarbler Mangrove

I'm rescuing this place from community death!

Here's this thing I wrote about the transit strike.

<lj-cut text="dark winter birds on a telephone wire">
The minutes pass in silence
folded up against the wind like
dark winter birds on a telephone wire
the sky behind gray with age

My eyes won't close without
the waterfall-sound of the subway
--I haven't gone away but gravity has ceased to be,
a million droplets hang in the air suspended by my apprehension

When I pass that picket line damn straight I'll give them the thumbs up don't judge what you don't understand well buddy I'm not a working woman but at least I have an imagination

At 2:30 in the morning I hear the scream
 of the third rail of metal torn away of glass
there's nothing out there but layer
upon layer of night and sidewalks under cold streetlamps

It's over,
and the winter birds spread their ruffled wings,
filling the sky with instantaneous nighttime
All the subway cars are running
but empty except for a cargo of light,
spilling out the windows and doors
and flooding every neighborhood with blind illumination
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"the sky behind gray with age"

simply and purely.
is there anything you don't do?

For starters, I can't dance, or play an instrument, or not make a mess, or touch dead bugs, or drive, or draw hands. I also have a tough time getting Dr. Pollock not to be dissappointed in me, but I think he'll come around.
oh we'll make sure of that...........if you were to see me i would be shaking my fist menacingly.
actually, i'm too lazy to do that, but if i were to be in a box of absolute values in which my emotions would be translated directly through physical gestures, i'd be shaking my fist.
i now realize how silly it was of me to write that instead of simply shaking my fist.
okay, now i did it.
and i added a mean clint eastwood spaghetti western glare.
damn straight.
and i bet you can do those other things just spectacularly so hush.
I don't see how one could be spectacular at touching dead bugs. And I really don't want to find out.
oh they can.
and WILL.