Quixote60 (quixote60) wrote in nightdaydreamer,

The Hungry Heart

 Hunger like an ache
The thirst never quenched
Throbbing desire
Standing still
Waiting and wanting
For what will never be.
What can I give?
When I cannot even take your hand
If all is never to be
Because love wants so much more than itself
Why then I will want you even more
Let desire burn even brighter
Let my blood scream out
Your name
So that somewhere
Some how
You will smile
At all I offer
All that is yours
And in that smile
When I'm lost in your eyes
For the briefest second
I am touched
By all you know
Of what I am
Of what we are
From before we ever were
I was meant to love you
Yet never have you
To want what can never be

Just smile
And know how much I love you

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